A Beginner’s Guide To Bachmann Model Trains

Bachmann Model Trains

Bachmann model trains are available in a wide variety of styles and scales, and are respected and trusted by hundreds of model railroading hobbyists around the world.

Not only are the trains made by Bachmann extremely durable and realistic in their appearance, many of them feature the ‘DCC system’, or the Digital Command and Control system; a relatively new system that Bachmann played a large role in developing.

If you were to speak to any veteran model railroading hobbyist about Bachmann train sets, most of them would agree that using one of these high-quality sets makes operating your model railroad a sheer pleasure.

A Look At A Few Bachmann Model Trains

One of the finest model trains manufactured by Bachmann is the ‘Dynamis Sound Commander Train Set’ available from Historic Rail.

This train set features an HO scale Bachmann Spectrum Series ‘Chesapeake and Ohio’ steam freight train with an advanced DCC system. It makes use of two-way wireless infrared technology that allows the hobbyist to control multiple DCC equipped locomotives at once, and allows each locomotive to perform as many as 21 functions.

Other major features of this set include:

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  • A Dynamis handset with joystick control and an easy-to-use backlit LCD screen
  • A Baldwin 2-8-0 Consolidation with built-in DCC
  • A number of sounds like bells, whistles, air pumps, and more
  • A powerful motor
  • A tender with a simulated coal load
  • A 3-dome tank car
  • A gondola
  • A box car
  • A quad hopper
  • A bobber caboose
  • RP25 metal wheels
  • Magnetically operated knuckle couplers
  • And more


Accompanying this set is a 56 inch by 38 inch oval E-Z track with a decoder equipped turnout and siding, and to help you to put it all together is a set of easy-to-follow instructions.

The locomotive and tender together measure in at length of 10 inches, and the set is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. Overall, it is guaranteed to provide years of enjoyment for hobbyists of all ages.

In addition to manufacturing DCC compatible locomotives like these, Bachmann also concentrates on manufacturing ‘diesel locomotive models’. An excellent diesel model locomotive made by Bachmann is the ‘EMD F7 Diesel Locomotive’ also available from Historic Rail.

The EMD F7 was the most popular cab unit used for both freight and passenger services during the 1950s and the 1960s. The HO scale Bachmann model of the ‘Norfolk Southern’ features a powerful motor, a finely molded body, a working headlight, glazed windows and portholes, RP25 metal wheels, magnetically operated knuckle couplers, and much more.

This 7 inch long ready-to-run model locomotive is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty, and is an excellent locomotive to use on any HO scale model railroad.

Selecting The Size Of Your Bachmann Model Train

When you first decide that you would like to own a Bachmann model train set, you will need to decide what the size of your desired train set will be. If you already have a layout in mind, you will obviously need to choose a train set in a scale that will best fit your layout.

If you want to create a highly detailed layout in a small space, then you will probably want to select an N-scale model train. N-scale trains are small, yet they provide hobbyists with fine equipment and accessories, which allow those hobbyists to create layouts with tremendous detail and intricacy.

For hobbyists who don’t have to worry too much about space, HO-scale model trains are some of the best trains available for super-realistic layouts. Bachmann offers a number of train sets in this scale, from steam engines to modern electric locomotives. This means that you will be able to find an excellent HO-scale train for your layout, regardless of the era you are modeling.

Besides their great N-scale and HO-scale model trains, Bachmann also provides O-gauge model railroading hobbyists with a few exceptional steam locomotive models. One of the finest O-gauge steam locomotives manufactured by Bachmann is the ‘4-6-4 Hudson Steam Locomotive – O gauge’ available from Historic Rail.

This O gauge model is a replica of the ‘New York Central 4-6-4 Hudson’. 4-6-4 Hudsons operated as passenger service trains and ran along twenty railroads in North America.

This Bachmann Williams set features the following:

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  • A die cast body
  • A ‘True Blast II’ digitally recorded whistle and bell
  • A working headlight and smoke unit
  • A powerful motor
  • 6-wheel drive with two traction tires
  • A die cast tender with a realistic coal load
  • Wire handrails and grab irons
  • And more


This set measures in at a length of 19.1/2 inches, and arrives ready-to-run and ready to grace any O scale layout with its superior quality.

In conclusion, Bachmann trains are most certainly superior in quality, detail, and reliability. Now that you know a little bit more about some of the Bachmann model trains available, you will be able to choose a train set that will suit your layout perfectly and provide you with years of reliable and fun-filled model railroading entertainment too.

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